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Vegetable gardens are an essential part of the experience in Rimworld A17, as they provide a steady source of food and materials that can help settlers survive and thrive on their new planet. Starting a vegetable garden is a great way to ensure that your settlers don’t go hungry and have access to the nutrients necessary for their good health. Furthermore, planting multiple crops at once can produce diverse yields over time, making vegetable gardening both practical and beneficial. As well as being useful for settling, having a full vegetable garden can also be aesthetically pleasing and serve as a pleasant addition to your colony. Vegetable gardens can also be used to grow medicinal herbs which may prove extremely useful for treating injuries or illnesses in the colony. In conclusion, starting a vegetable garden is definitely something worth considering if you are playing Rimworld A17.


Rimworld A17 offers a variety of vegetable gardens for players to build. These gardens can provide an abundance of produce or simply act as a beautiful focal point for your encampment. The options range from small potted plants to larger farm plots, each offering different levels of yield and cost. Smaller potted vegetable gardens, such as the ones available at some merchants, are relatively cheap and have low output, but are easy to maintain and do not take much space up. Larger farm plots however require more maintenance and cost more in resources, but they also reap higher rewards with a higher yield of vegetables and fruits. Some revolutionary designs like automated hydroponic systems can be expensive at first, but eventually can save large amounts on labor costs while delivering top-notch quality goods.


1. Increased Food Security: Growing your own vegetables provides a reliable source of fresh and healthy food which you can access whenever the need arises, reducing reliance on external sources.

2. Low Maintenance: Creating and maintaining a vegetable garden in Rimworld A17 is easy – all you need is a few pieces of minor supplies and some patience!

3. Cost Efficient: With a vegetable garden, you won’t have to worry about paying expensive prices for quality produce as it becomes much more cost efficient to grow your own food.


Tip #1: Research the Vegetables. Before you start a vegetable garden in Rimworld A17, make sure to research which varieties of vegetables can grow in the game’s environment, and which are best suited for your conditions (temperature, humidity, soil type).

Easy to Use Vegetable Gardening Guide

Tip #2: Prepare the Soil. To get healthy and productive plants, it is important to prepare the soil beforehand. This includes fertilizing, tilling, amending, and using proper drainage techniques.

Tip #3: Plant Appropriately. The success of your vegetable garden will depend on how well you plan ahead when planting. Make sure to provide enough space between plants to allow for proper air circulation and sunlight penetration as well as enough root depth for the vegetables to thrive.

Tip #4: Use Containers or Planters. If you lack space or want to save money on resources, use containers or planters instead of traditional in-ground gardening beds. They’ll do just fine!

Tip #5: Pests & Diseases Management . Be aware that even with all these precautions your plants could still get plagued by pests and diseases in Rimworld A17. Pay attention to your plants regularly and take immediate action if any unwanted visitors show up!


High yields and large surface area of a vegetable garden can be utilized to maximize profits and rewards in Rimworld A17. Utilizing the A16 “magic garden” farming strategy, your colonists can dedicate a dedicated space for growing vegetables. Setting up multiple growing plots is an efficient way to increase the amount of food grown and harvested. This means that you should focus on entering higher-yielding varieties for each harvesting season. Furthermore, creating terraces or trenches for resources such as fertilizer, compost, and super-fertilizer can make all the difference in terms of outputted produce. Allowing areas within the vegetable gardens to go fallow or introducing naturally occurring pests are also beneficial practices which reduce costs while increasing production efficiency. You should also ensure that your growing area’s temperature is suitable to maximize successful vegetable growth rates. With a little bit of effort and planning, you can ensure your vegetable gardens generate maximum rewards in Rimworld A17.

Success Stories

Rimworld A17 is a phenomenal game when it comes to hosting and growing your own vegetable garden. With the right combination of resources, tools and know-how, players can create an expansive plots of land filled with their favorite vegetables and other fruits. With careful planning and management, you can create a sustainable garden that pays dividends in terms of providing sustenance for your colony.

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One of the most outstanding success stories witnessed in this game is that of Abel Ames, who achieved incredible yields with his A17 vegetable garden. Abel began small with just a single raised bed where he grew tomatoes, peppers, corn and squash among other vegetables. He also planted legumes for nitrogen fixation in his soil as well as herbs for flavorings and such. His veggie patch was managed perfectly from the start – from proper soil preparation through regular tilling and maintenance – churning out successes after successes consistently. Soon enough Abel had created a large scale farming setup that was capable of producing large amounts of fresh food from harvest to harvest; enough to feed his whole colony! Thanks to Abel’s unwavering dedication and attention to detail, his colony flourished beyond anything it had prior thanks to the ample supply of nourishment derived solely from his vegetable garden.


Having a vegetable garden in Rimworld A17 is a great way to supplement diets, reduce costs, and achieve players’ food-related goals. With the addition of the new growing zones mechanic in A17, players can easily monitor and manage their garden’s growth; when combined with careful crop planning, this allows for maximum yield and quality for both high-value crops such as strawberries and more general food staples like potatoes. Furthermore, different kinds of nutrient-rich soil patches, accessed through trading or harvesting wild plants on unexplored planets, can greatly enhance crop production and speed up the process. By investing resources into cultivation before construction is complete, players can improve diets while keeping overall costs low — making Rimworld A17 one of the most efficient ways to make use of existing resources while maintaining adequate dietary needs.

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