Garden Vegetable Dip Hickory Farms


Are you looking for a delicious dip recipe to add a touch of flavor to your homemade appetizer platter? Well, look no further than the Garden Vegetable Dip Hickory Farms! Whether it’s game night with friends, family time around the dinner table, or an intimate date night at home – this simple, yet delightful dip will be a crowd pleasing addition to any occasion.


Garden Vegetable Dip Hickory Farms is a popular dip produced by the Hickory Farms company. It is a vibrant mix of fresh vegetables including red bell peppers, parsley, chives, and carrots — all expertly blended together to bring you a smooth yet slightly chunky flavor. Its popularity has spread throughout various regions in the United States and it’s even been spotted around select grocery stores in Canada. The high quality veggies used to create this flavorful dip are grown using non-GMO, sustainable agricultural practices ensuring exceptional flavors. There’s no added preservatives or artificial colors either so you can enjoy this hearty dip worry free!

Organic Ingredients

This Garden Vegetable Dip from Hickory Farms is made with organic ingredients.

The primary ingredient is organic vegetables, which include carrots, sweet potatoes, onions and tomatoes. Carrots provide a sweetness to the dip while they are cooked with olive oil and black pepper, allowing them to take on an earthy flavor. Sweet potatoes supply an undertone of sweetness that balances out the complex flavor profile created by the other ingredients. Onions give a slight pungency that helps to sharpen the other flavors in the mix. Tomatoes bring a succulent texture to the dip and a vibrant tomato flavor.

In addition to these vegetables, this dip also contains garlic for added depth and complexity of flavor. The garlic provides an aroma of sweetness as well as a slight kick when eaten raw. Olive oil enhances all of these flavours, providing a smooth and silky texture plus notes of citrus, herbs and green olives on the palate when finished. Finally, Himalayan salt is used to bring out all these subtle flavours for added taste sensations that make this dip even better!

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Healthy & Delicious

Garden Vegetable Dip Hickory Farms is a mouth-watering dip that is not only delicious but also healthy. The dip contains no added preservatives or artificial flavors and is low in fat and low in calories. It’s also gluten-free, making it an ideal choice for anyone who follows a gluten-free diet. With a variety of fresh vegetables, this dip not only adds flavor to your dishes but also provides essential vitamins and minerals to aid with proper nutrition. The fiber content within the vegetables makes this dip mealtime worthy for balancing blood sugar levels throughout the day. Overall, Garden Vegetable Dip Hickory Farms provides a healthy option that is sure to please every taste bud!

Preparation & Serving Suggestions

Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing Garden Vegetable Dip from Hickory Farms

1. Begin by gathering your ingredients: one package of Garden Vegetable Dip from Hickory Farms, one cup sour cream, and two tablespoons of water.

2. Empty contents of the dip mix package into a medium bowl.
3. Add the sour cream and water to the mix in the bowl.
4. Stir with a wooden spoon until all ingredients are fully combined and the dip is consistency you desire (add more water for a thinner dip).
5. Refrigerate for at least an hour before serving so all flavors have time to blend together and chill.
6. Serve with crackers, veggies or chips and enjoy!

Serving Suggestions:
• Serve cold either with chips or cut up pieces of pita bread, cucumbers, celery sticks, carrots and/or bell pepper strips as shown above
• Plate a selection of colorful vegetables around a scoop of dip placed in the center as shown below
• Layer chilled dip over nacho chips sprinkle with shredded cheese before baking for an indulgent snack

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Cooking Tips

Garden Vegetable Dip from Hickory Farms is an easy and delicious way to add flavor and texture to any meal. It’s great for party platters, but can also be incorporated into daily recipes. Add it as a topping on your favorite pizza or mix it in with any pasta dish for additional flavor. You can even make your own veggie wraps with Garden Vegetable Dip as your main spread! If you’re looking for more of a crunch, try adding a few spoonfuls onto the top of your casseroles before baking. The possibilities are endless with this versatile dip!


The Garden Vegetable Dip from Hickory Farms is a delicious, fresh dip that uses only the finest ingredients. With savoury tomatoes and zesty peppers, it adds unique flavor to any gathering of friends or family. Whether served with your favorite crackers or vegetables, this rich and creamy dip will be sure to delight everyone in attendance. In short, the Garden Vegetable Dip from Hickory Farms is an easy-to-prepare and scrumptious addition to any party spread.

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